Engine Overhaul


Diesel engines are more durable than gasoline engines but they do require regular maintenance and attention to prevent minor repairs from turning into larger repairs. A diesel engine overhaul is a good way to take care of numerous problems instead of the bigger, more costly job of a replacement.

Is your engine getting tired, metal in the oil or excessive oil consumption? Excessive blow by, low on power or major part failure? These are some of the signs that your engine may be in need of an engine overhaul. In an engine overhaul our certified technicians will disassemble, clean, inspect and rebuild the engine as necessary. An engine overhaul can increase power and performance as well as extend the life of your engine. We offer in frame rebuilds and out of vehicle rebuilds. Here at Kleyn Mobile we will never recommend a service we don’t think is absolutely necessary or beneficial. You can trust our certified technicians to get the job done and get you back on the road.

Kleyn Mobile Repair Diesel Engine Overhaul

If a completely new engine is needed, we will present you with the best option for you from a complete replacement with a remanufactured engine or a good used engine. We stand behind our work here at Kleyn Mobile and know you will be satisfied with the result.