Alignments, Suspension, Steering


Over time, drivers can experience alignment problems where their vehicle pulls to the left or right. This can cause further problems with uneven tire wear if not addressed. It’s also important to have your vehicle aligned after an accident. In order to maintain proper fuel economy, tire life and overall vehicle performance, we recommend an alignment at a minimum of once a year. We also recommend an alignment with new tires. Bad ball joints? Tie rods need replacing? Worn shocks or struts? Faulty parts in the steering and suspension systems can throw off your vehicle’s alignment. At Kleyn Mobile, we will perform an alignment after any part of the steering and suspension systems has been worked on. You can trust our technicians to get you safely back on the road.

At Kleyn Mobile, it’s important to us to be a “one-stop shop”. That’s why we are happy to offer alignment services. Using our state of the art BeeLine Alignment Equipment, our highly trained technicians will perform an alignment that will ensure optimal tire wear, fuel economy and driveability.

Kleyn Mobile Repair Alignments

Suspension and Steering Systems work together to keep your tires on the road and your vehicle under control.
Your vehicle’s suspension maximizes your tires friction with the road for better steering and handling. The more contact your tires have with the road, the safer the ride. Suspension systems also help ensure the comfort of a smooth ride. Wheel hopping, uneven tire wear, clunks & rattles, and longer stopping distance are all signs that something is wrong with your suspension. Be sure to give us a call and trust our certified technicians to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The power steering in your car makes it easier for you to to turn the wheel especially at slower speeds and when parking. If you notice noise, vibration or steering resistance, give us a call. Our highly trained technicians at Kleyn Mobile will inform you of any problems, help you understand the issue and get you back on the road safely and efficiently.

Shocks and struts help stabilize your vehicle’s movements and enhance your control of the vehicle and are designed to reduce the effect of traveling over a rough road. Quite often shocks wear out gradually and you get used to the changes to the point where you don’t even know there is a problem. We generally recommend shock replacement every 75 K to 100 K miles. You can trust us at Kleyn Mobile when we recommend repairs that are needed including shocks. We have your safety and your vehicle’s best performance in mind.