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At Kleyn Mobile we are a full service shop and offer mobile repair services for trucks of all sizes and emergency vehicles and customer satisfaction is our goal. As technology is always changing, we make it our mission to stay up to date on the latest changes and technological advancements. We pride ourselves on making sure we are up to date on the latest diagnostics, training, and tools to better serve you. Quality work, limited down time, and an overall 5 star experience is our goal. We offer a variety of services, some of which are listed below. 

From oil change to complete engine rebuild, we do it all. Give us a call at 616-209-7007 – we’re always up for a challenge!


Purchasing a used vehicle? At Kleyn Mobile, we highly recommend and are happy to offer pre-purchase vehicle inspections. It’s important to us that you have the information you need to make a good decision in regards to the vehicle you are considering to purchase. Determining possible problems with the vehicle ahead of time can save you from costly repairs and help you make a decision on the price of the vehicle. And as with all work we do, your safety and the safety of your passengers are our top priority. All pre-purchase inspections are given a full safety and reliability inspection. We will inform and advise you on any concerns we have as well as let you know about any common issues that particular make and model is known to have. With this important information in hand, it’s our goal to help you make a safe and financially responsible decision.


At Kleyn Mobile, we offer full service fleet preventative maintenance and fleet repairs from cars to heavy-duty trucks. We know that keeping your fleet running is of the utmost importance and time is money. That’s why we record and track all services and repairs. We will contact you when a service is due and schedule a timely repair to get your vehicle back on the road and your fleet moving.

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Kleyn mobile fleet maintenance


Caring for the transmission of your vehicle is crucial to the lifespan of the transmission as well as your vehicle. To maintain efficient fuel economy and a smooth ride, entrust your vehicle’s transmission to our certified technicians.

Our services at Kleyn Mobile include repair on both automatic and manual transmissions. The way to ensure the longest life out of your transmission is to provide regular transmission maintenance. If a repair, replacement or rebuild are necessary, we will be sure to do what’s best for you and for your vehicle.

We offer a BG Transmission Flush that will help avoid costly repairs.

Don’t wait until your transmission starts giving you problems. This preventative service dissolves and suspends the build up in your transmission. Old fluid is removed and replaced with new transmission fluid. This service provides a longer transmission life, smoother ride and is backed by the BG Lifetime Protection Plan*ask for more details.

If you are experiencing grinding noises, slipping or hard shifting be sure to contact us immediately. The transmission is linked to other key parts of your vehicle so it’s important to make sure it’s working properly. Don’t hesitate to call us with any concerns you may have; our technicians at Kleyn Mobile are happy to help.


Regular maintenance of your vehicle is very important to maintaining your vehicle’s life span, ensure efficient fuel economy and prevent breakdowns that lead to costly repairs. All vehicles that come to our shop receive a courtesy inspection to see if your vehicle is due for any services. Regular service and maintenance is different based on the factory recommendation for your vehicle and the amount of miles that your vehicle has. At various mile intervals, different services are recommended such as wiper blades, fluid replacements including coolant and transmission, oil and filter changes, tire rotation and inspection of brakes, belts, hoses and spark plugs.

At Kleyn Mobile, you can trust us to keep you on schedule and optimize the performance and value of your vehicle. Ask us about our various BG Services to help maintain the performance of your vehicle.


Kleyn Mobile offers diesel engine services for diesel engines of all sizes. We specialize in diesel repairs and have highly trained technicians for diesel engines. We pride ourselves in being up to date with the latest technology and tools. With our OEM and aftermarket software we can program and repair your diesel engine and keep running as it should.

Diesel engines are quite reliable but do still need regular maintenance to stay at their top performance. All vehicles that come through our shop will be given a courtesy inspection where we will keep track of what services are due and keep our customers informed. We also specialize in diesel emission diagnostics and repair. We are able to diagnose, repair and maintain vehicles with DPF and DEF Systems.

At Kleyn Mobile, we offer mobile repair services where our expert technicians come to you. We also offer emergency roadside services. We highly recommend a variety of BG Services for diesel engines that increase fuel economy and restore engine performance. BG stands behind their products with a Lifetime Protection Plan *ask for more details.


Engine replacement can be one of the most expensive repairs. However, with regularly scheduled maintenance, this expensive repair can be avoided. With our OEM and Aftermarket Diagnostic Software, our highly trained and certified technicians will have your vehicle back on road. “Check engine” light on? Leaking oil? Engine missing or not running right? These can be signs that your engine is in need of some service and repair. Be sure to give us a call.

We highly recommend several BG Services which help restore engine performance and power as well as increase fuel economy. BG stands behind their products with a BG Lifetime Protection Plan *ask for more details.

BG Platinum Service cleans the carbon build up in the injectors, air intake valves and the combustion chamber in order to restore fuel economy, engine performance and power.

BG Engine Performance Service is a 3 part deep clean for your engine and fuel system. With this service, engine performance is restored and gas mileage increased. This service also protects your engine and prevents sludge build up in between oil changes.

BG Engine Plus Service is a two part service removes deposits and protects the engine. Upgrade your oil change and improve the way your vehicle runs with the BG Engine Plus Service.


Over time, drivers can experience alignment problems where their vehicle pulls to the left or right. This can cause further problems with uneven tire wear if not addressed. It’s also important to have your vehicle aligned after an accident. In order to maintain proper fuel economy, tire life and overall vehicle performance, we recommend an alignment at a minimum of once a year. 

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Kleyn mobile alignment services


Have you ever thought of your truck as a powerful computer? Computer systems include Engine Controls (ECM), safety and comfort features as well as AB to name a few. As manufacturers make enhancements and add new automated safety features, the number of computers continues to rise in trucks. Cars have a minimum of 30 computer systems and newer cars an average of 50.

Here at Kleyn Mobile Repair, it’s important to us that we stay up to date with the latest technology in order that we can fully diagnose and service your vehicle. We have diagnostic software for CAT, Cummins, Detroit, MACK, Volvo, International, Hino and Isuzu Engines, Allison and Eaton Transmissions and Bendix, Haldex and Wabco ABS Systems. Whatever your vehicle, here at Kleyn Mobile, our expert technicians are well equipped to diagnose your repair.


The cooling system in your vehicle is important in keeping your engine at a safe operating temperature and also provides heat for your vehicle in cold temperatures. One key way to maintain the cooling system is to regularly check the coolant levels. Here at Kleyn Mobile we schedule coolant flushes based on manufacturer recommendation. We also check the levels after every 5,000 miles in our courtesy inspection. You can rest at ease knowing that whenever your vehicle comes into our shop we check the coolant levels in our courtesy inspection.

Water Pump replacement, thermostat replacement, radiators, overheating diagnostics and coolant leak diagnostics are just a few of the services or expert technicians are ready to help you with.

Signs your heating system is having problems:

    • heating system blows cold air
    • heater only functions when driving not when idling
    • the defroster takes longer than normal to operate or fog in the vehicle
    • sweet or musty smell

At Kleyn Mobile we recommend the BG Cooling System Service. 

This service cleans debris and rust from the cooling system and then replenishes and restores the entire system. One of the many benefits of this service is an overall better cooling system function. All BG services are backed by their BG Lifetime Protection Plan *ask for more details.


If you have ever experienced A/C issues you know how uncomfortable it can be to get into a sweltering vehicle. Don’t let the hot air make you miserable. Taking care of regular maintenance can help avoid more expensive A/C repair costs down the road. Our expert technicians at Kleyn Mobile have the equipment to service R134 and R1234YF A/C systems.

Signs that your A/C needs service or repair:

    • The air coming from the A/C is only slightly cool.
    • The air that blows has a funny smell.
    • The A/C is making unfamiliar sounds either from the hood or the vents.
    • A/C only works while driving
    • Low airflow even on the highest setting.
    • Water drips on your foot while driving.

We recommend running your A/C a few times during the winter to keep the components moving. If you notice something not right, be sure to get your vehicle in to us before the hot summer months come so we can help keep you cool.

Kleyn Mobile A/C Repair



Battery Service: Here are Kleyn Mobile, we are an Interstate Battery dealer and offer a Nationwide Warranty for batteries. We pride ourselves on being a full service shop and so we stock, sell, test and replace batteries. Purchasing a new car? Going on a trip? We can test the battery for you so you can be confident in your purchase or road trip. All vehicles have their battery inspected at our 5,000 mile service inspection and we will give advice on the battery life.

Starters: It’s not always the battery that’s the problem when your car won’t start. The starter is what cranks the engine so if it’s not working properly, your car won’t start. A clicking noise when you turn the key or press the button, or the dashboard lights up but the engine won’t power up are also signs that you have a problem with your starter.

Alternators: Your alternator is also a key component in powering your vehicle. The alternator charges the battery while the vehicle is running as well as works with the battery to operate other electrical components in the vehicle. A dead battery, battery warning light on the dash, smell of burning rubber and trouble starting are some of the signs your alternator is failing.

At Kleyn Mobile, our experienced technicians will inspect your car to determine the exact cause of the problem and keep you informed. We know how important it is to have your vehicle running as quickly as possible.


Even though Michigan doesn’t require emissions testing, the Federal Government EPA still mandates it. Some states do require emissions inspections and requirements vary from state to state. Vehicles made after 1995 have an On-Board Diagnostic System that monitors the emissions of your vehicle. Even if your state doesn’t require emissions testing, keeping your system clean will allow for the best engine performance and fuel economy.

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Diesel engines are more durable than gasoline engines but they do require regular maintenance and attention to prevent minor repairs from turning into larger repairs. An engine overhaul is a good way to take care of numerous problems instead of the bigger, more costly job of a replacement.

Check out our complete offering of Engine Overhaul Services!


At Kleyn Mobile, it’s important to us to have the tools and technology to quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair your vehicle. Getting your vehicle back on the road and reducing downtime are our top goals. We have diagnostic software for CAT, Cummins, Detroit, Mercedes, MACK, Volvo, International, Hino and Isuzu Engines, Allison and Eaton Transmissions and Bendix, Haldex and Wabco ABS Systems. Whatever your vehicle, here at Kleyn Mobile, our expert technicians are well equipped to diagnose your repair and get you back on the road.


Firetrucks and firefighters help protect our homes, businesses, families and friends. It’s highly important that the trucks are properly serviced and maintained. At Kleyn Mobile, our expert technicians are certified with the latest training to be able to service firetrucks. We take this job very seriously and count it a privilege and honor to serve the communities of Michigan in this way.

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Kleyn Mobile firetrucks


The Federal Department of Transportation requires that all commercial vehicles be inspected annually to make sure they meet the DOT requirements. There can often be surprise DOT roadside inspections. For our fleet maintenance customers, no need to worry or track when the next DOT is due. We track that for you and will call to schedule. DOT inspections can be performed at our shop or at your preferred location. Our mobile mechanics can come to you with our Mobile Repair Services.


Mobile repair services has been something Kleyn Mobile has offered since we opened our doors in 2007. We recognize it’s not always possible for you to bring your vehicle to us. By our mobile mechanics performing onsite services and repair, we can decrease the amount of downtime. Our goal is to get you up and running with as little down time as possible.

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