Emissions Cleaning


Even though Michigan doesn’t require emissions testing, the Federal Government EPA still mandates it. Some states do require emissions inspections and requirements vary from state to state. Vehicles made after 1995 have an On-Board Diagnostic System that monitors the emissions of your vehicle. Even if your state doesn’t require emissions testing, keeping your system clean will allow for the best engine performance and fuel economy.

Here at Kleyn Mobile, we highly recommend the

BG Diesel EGR System Service

 and the

DPF & Emissions System Restoration

as a preventative maintenance for your vehicle. These services clean the intake, EGR system and DPF and as a result reduces emissions. Not only will these services reduce your emissions, you will also notice results in your fuel economy and restored engine performance.

Kleyn Mobile Repair BG services

If there is too much build up in the system then further services are needed. Here at Kleyn Mobile we can remove the EGR and clean off the carbon build up. We can also remove the DPF and clean the filter by baking. During the baking process, the carbon build up and wet soot on the filter are turned to ash so it can be effectively removed.

You can trust our expert technicians at Kleyn Mobile to keep your vehicle running smoothly and keep you up to date on any changes to emissions requirements.