Gasoline Diagnostics & Repair


Engine replacement can be one of the most expensive repairs. However, with regularly scheduled maintenance, this expensive repair can be avoided. With our OEM and Aftermarket Diagnostic Software, our highly trained and certified technicians will have your vehicle back on road. “Check engine” light on? Leaking oil? Engine missing or not running right? These can be signs that your engine is in need of some service and repair. Be sure to give us a call.

Engines are a complex machine made up of many parts that will break down over time. That’s why regular maintenance and services are so important in prolonging the life of your engine. Timing belts, tune-ups, spark plugs and direct injection are just a few of those parts that need regular maintenance. You can trust our expert technicians at Kleyn Auto to never suggest parts or services that are unnecessary. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are experiencing any signs of an engine problem.
We highly recommend several BG Services which help restore engine performance and power as well as increase fuel economy. BG stands behind their products with a BG Lifetime Protection Plan *ask for more details.

Kleyn Auto Vehicle Repair

BG Platinum Service cleans the carbon build up in the injectors, air intake valves and the combustion chamber in order to restore fuel economy, engine performance and power.

BG Engine Performance Service is a 3 part deep clean for your engine and fuel system. With this service, engine performance is restored and gas mileage increased. This service also protects your engine and prevents sludge build up in between oil changes.

BG Engine Plus Service is a two part service removes deposits and protects the engine. Upgrade your oil change and improve the way your vehicle runs with the BG Engine Plus Service.