If you have ever experienced A/C issues you know how uncomfortable it can be to get into a sweltering vehicle. Don’t let the hot air make you miserable. Taking care of regular maintenance can help avoid more expensive A/C repair costs down the road. Our expert technicians at Kleyn Auto have air conditioning repair experience and the equipment to service R134 and R1234YF A/C systems.

Signs that your air conditioning needs service or repair:

    • The air coming from the A/C is only slightly cool.
    • The air that blows has a funny smell.
    • The A/C is making unfamiliar sounds either from the hood or the vents.
    • A/C only works while driving
    • Low airflow even on the highest setting.
    • Water drips on your foot while driving.
Kleyn Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

We recommend running your A/C a few times during the winter to keep the components moving. If you notice something not right, be sure to get your vehicle in to us before the hot summer months come so we can help keep you cool.